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Dary82 Hi,i had my first and last depo shot 7 month in the past and considering the fact that then i have noot stop bleeding.I have examine a lot of complains about depo shot and very same complications as mine Until eventually currently when i went to GP  and he or she even prompt that it may be cervical cancer !!!Can you envision!I have performed my smear check just before depo shot,everything was wonderful and 1 week after the shot i started spotting and bleeding until now.So she worried me ideal off.Now I'm looking forward to my  gynecologist appointment to come through.

Gabby_Jc im 19 years previous got the depo sep twenty eighth after a miscarriage and im even now bledding. it went from a normal period movement to spotting. how long does this last?

You use the patch plus the ring for 3 weeks, then stop for a person. During this “7 days off,” you will get your period. Some Females, who want to halt their periods fully, don’t take a week off.

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drme247 I was on Depo for about a year and my first period lasted about 10 times after which it stopped. My following period was light and only lasted two times after which I never experienced 1 again For the remainder of that year. I went off of it and a couple of 6 weeks later I'd a period that lasted for a about two months but then I went again to ordinary.

20dollarnosebleed im seventeen and ive gotten the shot 3 times...first time i didnt bleed in the slightest degree 2nd time twards the top when i wanted a brand new shot i bled for a great month straight...i just got the shot again yesterday so a knockout post ideally it stops.

If you want to use the shot for a lot more than two years, you should check with your doctor with regard to the risks and some great benefits of continuing it.

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Your doctor inserts this compact, thin, and versatile plastic rod into your arm. Like a hormonal IUD, the implant releases progestin into your physique. It how long do periods usually last for works for as many as three years, and your doctor can get rid of it any time before that.

marianamber Ive been getting the depo shot for three years and never was bleeding before and now I'm its been 2 weeks and im so puzzled my boyfriend doesnt like it whatsoever it ***** i dont fully grasp someon enable me understandddd!!!!!! ..present

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lolaPretty12334 I'm sixteen and acquired my first depo shot the top of last month its April eight ' I've been on my period for 8days the first 2days if was light bleeding now its heavy and its how long do periods last during perimenopause causing really negative headaches I need my period to stop wholly .

adork I gained my first Depo shot in November 'ten and within days my period started... Now it is May 'eleven and I'm nevertheless on that same period. The flow alternates between average and heavy. I've contacted my doctor and nurse a lot of times about my considerations and I'm usually faced with precisely the same "suggestions".. To stay it out and get One more shot due to the fact Probably It's going to go away.

Just like other progestin strategies, the shot may cause irregular bleeding during the first year. About 50 % of girls will have much less and lighter periods after that. Other individuals might have spotting or heavier, longer periods.

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